Forever Bogus EP 6: World Wide Web

Welcome to the sixth installment to the FOREVER BOGUS PODCAST.

“Where We’ve Got Nostalgia On Tap.”

My guest Greg D. [Nerds of Nostalgia & Nightmare Junkhead], Eada Beaver [Badass] and I take it wayyy back to a time without one of the most important inventions of our time… the World Wide Web, the Superhighway, cyberspace, the INTERNET. We discuss the essentials to survive boredom as kids and get a little off the wall about our memories of Friday nights as teenagers. Then you will also get the pleasure of the shenanigans we got into when we finally got out hands on the net and out thoughts on how the internet has crafted a new society. Hold on to your MSN Messenger password because where we are going you won’t have texting.