Cinemaland EP 67: First Reformed & Hereditary

“A Plane to Spain”

We’ve got an A24 double feature this week! We bring back the Spotlight segment and so we can talk about First Reformed and Hereditary. Rachael covers First Reformed, a film about the priest of a small church who is slowly slipping into a state of horrible despair. And Isaac covers Hereditary, a film about a family experiencing horrific and strange events following the death of their matriarch. Not a lot of levity in this episode.

Plus, we had a plethora of trailers come out this week, and we do our best to talk about them all without just turning this into a trailer review podcast.


(0:40) This Week in Film

(21:28) Spotlight: First Reformed

(29:17) Spoilers

(37:38) Spotlight: Hereditary

(45:46) Spoilers