It’s only September but it’s never to early to start thinking about your Halloween costume for 2016. We’ll give you 10 ideas that are sure to be the hit at your party. Are some predictable? Sure! But our ideas range from the most popular pop culture characters to the down right strange indie film costumes that will leave your friend scratching their heads and a bit creeped out. One thing you won’t find on our list….SEXY FREDDY! Let’s dive in.

10.) Stranger Kids

Everyone’s lovable kiddos from Netflix’s Stranger Things are sure to be a hit at your Halloween Party this year. Mikey, Lucas, Eleven, Dustin and Will are simple and effective costumes you can pull off with a small budget. Eggos and D&D dice are a must. *Over*


9. Harley Quinn & The Joker

This outfit requires almost no effort on your end. Spirit Halloween has everything you need to pull of this couples costume that makes it feel so good to be so bad. So if you are into just being lazy and following the trends of society then by all means pick up these costumes this Halloween.

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