Warner Brothers Hires Writer for ‘It: Chapter Two’

This weekend is shaping up to nothing but good news for the Losers Club & the good people of Derry, Maine. First, there was the incredibly positive reaction the film received (Our own Richard Chamberlin also was very positive on the film). Then, there were the reports of huge Thursday evening box office numbers and the fact that ‘It’ looks to set to bring 2017 out of its late summer theatrical slump.  Today, we can also report that ‘It’ will be getting a sequel and a writer has been hired to begin work on it.

It had long been an open secret that the big plan for the cinematic version of ‘It’ was to split Stephen King’s Magnum Opus (well, one of his Magnum Opuses) into 2 parts. The first part would follow Bill, Bev, Ben & rest of the “Losers” as they confront Pennywise as children, followed by a second film focusing on the characters as adults. Gary Dauberman, one of the c0-writers for ‘It: Chapter One’, will be handling writing duties for the sequel. We have also learned Warner Bros. is hoping to have the second part out in 2019 and Andy Muschietti is planning on returning although nothing is official for him as of yet.

The first ‘It’ film is going to be a huge success and what a delight it is to see that. First, because it was excellent at delivering exactly what you wanted in a partial adaptation of King’s work. Second, because it’s just exciting to see that in a world of capes & cartoons it’s still possible for a horror film to be what everyone is talking about at the movie theater.