Indie Powerhouse Mark Duplass Shares Filmmaking Tips

Mark Duplass and his brother Jay are becoming ones to watch in independent film making. Mark has worked on twenty different feature films and four television series in just thirteen short years! It’s only natural to wonder just how the Duplass brothers do it. Nothing if not gregarious, Mark has recently told the world just that.

Duplass’s list of nine pieces of advice published on draws heavily on his now-famous SXSW keynote speech from 2016, but with some new tidbits thrown in. Whether his advice is long familiar or it’s just being heard for the very first time, it is undeniable that Mr. Duplass really gives the upcoming filmmaker something to think about.

A big sign of Duplass’s work paying off is the slow-burn success of the 2014 indie horror film Creep, which he co-wrote and starred in with Patrick Brice. The duo return in 2017 with Brice behind the camera and Duplass once again slipping into the weird charisma of the titular internet stalker and his wolf-masked alter ego, Peachfuzz.